Motorcycle Accessories

Use a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is the most crucial thing for your safety. Helmets can secure your head from suffering an injury which is the major cause of death among motor bike riders. Naturally, simply wearing any type of helmet won’t be sufficient. You must wear appropriate helmet. Search for helmets which are approved by the Transportation Department since they undergo major tests before going in the market.

Using the appropriate gears

A T-shirt, sandals along with jeans can increase the risk of accidents when riding a bike. Rather, use a gear which secures you from flying bugs, debris, the wind, etc. In order to get maximum amount of protection, use a leather jacket, full pants, over the ankle shoes, etc. Specially created jackets having breathable mesh matter along with rugged padding can offer you with ventilation as well as protection when you’re riding in warm conditions.

In addition, you must also consider a protection for your eyes; never rely simply on your bike’s wind shield or eyeglasses. Instead, use goggles or a helmet visor. Most of the car drivers who hit the motor bikes many times tell that they just did not see the motorcycle, hence pick a gear with bright colors.

Slippy Roads

Slippery road increases your odds of suffering an accident. Rain will not only reduces your visibility, it can also lessen the grip of your tires on roads. Because of this, cornering could prove quite tricky. In case it’s essential for you to ride during a rain, always remember that the period right after the start of the rain is most risky, since the water makes the oil remains to move towards the top. Also, stay off from making rapid maneuvers. Be cautious while applying the brakes, steering and throttle for reducing the odds of sliding.

In case your line of vision or the travel road gets limited, cut off your speed carefully

In short, if you are finding it tough to see anything, reduce your speed this is something SVH recommend. Fog and rain are the situations where if you reduce your speed, you get more time to react and hence your ride becomes much safer. The sightlines of mountain roads’ as well as curvy forest are smaller; here you’re required to slow down to be ready for different amazements such as big rocks or a deer.

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